What does my ticket buy me?

Your KGB ticket entitles you to unlimited 2-4 oz samples from dozens of carefully selected craft beers.See the list of attending breweries here.


Why are designated driver tickets only $20?

Because this is a beer festival and you’re not drinking beer.  However, you still get a glass to keep and we’ll fill it with soda all day for you. We want everyone to get home safely from the event.


Are kids allowed?

Yes. Children under 12 are free. Older than 12 must purchase a DD ticket. Please keep children close by as this event gets crowded; we don’t want any shorties getting knocked down!


Will I need an ID?

In order to receive your KGB sampling glass, beer tickets, and over 21 wristband, you will need to show a valid, government issued ID.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes. Please keep your dog on a leash and be aware that broken glass may occur during the event.


What kinds of beer will be available?

Beer typically falls into two categories: ALES and LAGERS. However, we will have many types of beers such as IPAs, browns, reds, stouts, etc. Most times you will be served by a brewer or representative who will educate you on what you are tasting!


How many bourbons?

A General Admission ticket allows you to sample over 10 bourbons and spirits from Kentucky and Virginia. A VIP ticket allows access to about 10 additional, harder to find, top shelf bourbons including Elmer T Lee, Blood Oath, EH Taylor Small Batch Single Barrel and Rye, Bib & Tucker, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Stagg Jr, Blanton’s, Angel’s Envy Rye,Orphan Barrel Forged Oak, and more.


What will my VIP ticket get me?

The focus of the VIP area will be harder to find beers, bourbons, and ciders! Because of this there will not be food in the VIP area. Beers will include Deschutes, Maine Beer, Knee Deep, and The Bruery and a rare cider from Bold Rock. Bourbons include E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, Rhetoric 23 year, Blood Oath Pact 3, Breckenridge Port Cask Finish, Jefferson’s Presidential Selection, Stagg Jr, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Blanton’s Single Barrel, Angels Envy Port Barrel, Knob Creek 25 Year, Booker’s, and more.